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COURSE | Yoga Fundamentals

In this 5-week Yoga Fundamentals course you will learn the most important fundamentals of yoga so that you can take your weekly classes safely and with confidence. 

If you are not yet familiar with yoga, it is sometimes quite difficult to follow all the directions in a yoga class and you may also run into limitations in your body. You often doubt whether you are doing it right.

In this Yoga Fundamentals course we take extensive time to take you through a number of elements that you regularly encounter during yoga classes. For example: how can I sit upright without experiencing pain? Or which options can I choose if a full sun salutation still works? Or how do I deal with being distracted during the final relaxation or meditation?

The course is taught by Bianca Schutjes. With a good dose of experience and a thorough education in India, she teaches you the basic principles of yoga with love and passion. 

The course lasts 5 weeks and you follow it as a whole, so that you have a good foundation to further immerse yourself in yoga. The course is open to any aspiring or beginning yogi.


Tuesday 11-01-22

Tuesday 18-01-22

Tuesday 25-01-22

Tuesday 01-02-22

Tuesday 08-02-22



19:30 - 21:00



Bianca  shooters


This course is included in the Yogasite subscription and can therefore be booked for members with your subscription (5 credits) or 10-ride card (5 rides). Are you new to Yogasite? Then you pay the individual course price of € 75.

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