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Online classes. A little getting used to. Different. Advantages and disadvantages.


Even though we prefer to see you in the studio; We are also really happy with the possibility to offer our classes via Zoom. Because ultimately it is especially important that you can continue to take classes, keep moving and keep taking those moments for yourself to stay physically and mentally healthy.  


When you follow an online class, the feeling is somewhat different than when you come to the studio. That is why we have some practical and energetic tips that you can use to make your class as pleasant as possible.


To prepare

  • We teach our online classes via Zoom. Make sure to download the latest version of the Zoom app on the device you want to use beforehand. 

  • It's nice to be in a quiet space, so you can really take some time for yourself. You can arrange the space in such a way that you feel most relaxed. So light a candle or incense or use mood lighting instead of the fluorescent tube ;). Also make sure that there are no more 'tasks' nearby. So put away the full laundry basket and make sure all work folders on your desk are out of sight when you roll out your mat.

  • Make it a ritual to get the room completely ready for class and for your me-time. 

  • Make sure that you have a good view of your screen from your mat and that the camera has a good picture of you. 

  • In many classes we use yoga blocks. It is handy to have one or two on hand (tip: for sale at Yogasite, together with very nice mats!). A blanket or something warm during relaxation is also nice. 

  • Do you like music in class? Be sure to put on a relaxing tune before "going into" class.  



You can sign up and check in via the EverSports app when you use your phone for the streaming. Although we do not advise this; on your phone you cannot see the teacher very well and often the teacher cannot see you that well either. A laptop or somewhat larger tablet is therefore recommended. On a computer, you can register via this link: EVERSPORTS . Check out the EVERSPORTS FAQ  if it is not entirely clear how this works.  

When you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email with the link to your bookings. We recommend that you go to your bookings about 15 minutes before class and click 'Go to the live stream' here. Because, about fifteen minutes before the start of the class,, the button for the live stream turns green and you can check in. You will then be automatically redirected to Zoom to take the class.  When logging in, choose to 'mute' yourself (i.e. turn off your microphone) and preferably turn on the camera so that the teacher can see you.


During class

During the class, the teacher will divide her attention as much as possible between the participants in the room and the online participants. In a number of classes, the teacher has access to a projection screen to follow all online participants even better. In these classes there is a little more opportunity for directions. If you have a question or request for the class, please indicate this at the start of the class via the chat or by 'unmuting' yourself (turning on your sound temporarily).  


The Zoom meeting will be closed after the class. If you would like to share or have questions about the class, you can always send a message to stating Online Class 'time and day'. We'll make sure your message gets to the teacher.

Do you want to take online classes when it suits you? Then take a look at Yogasite TV, where we have a lot of online classes that you can purchase when you are ready. 

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