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Yogasite, located at Dr. Struyckenstraat 163-165, 4812 BC in Breda is responsible for processing personal data as further specified in this privacy statement. Yogasite respects the privacy of the visitors of, in particular the rights of the visitors according to the automatic processing of personal data. Because of the complete
transparency towards our customers, we have formulated and implemented a policy in relation to the processing of data itself with the goal and possibility that everybody involved can execute their rights as good as possible.

For additional information about the protection of personal data, you can visit the website of the Dutch Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (authority of personal data):
The latest available version of the privacy policy on our website is the only version which is applicable, until it will be replaced by a new one.


Access to the website
The access to the website is strictly personal. You will not use the website, its data and information for commercial, political or publicity purposes nor any other commercial offering and in particular no use for non-requested offers made electronically.


Content of the website
All content, pictures, text, comments, illustrations, animations, video images, sounds as well as technical applications that are used to keep the website running, in general all compartments that are used on our website, are protected by law by intellectual property rights. Every reproduction, repetition, use or adjustment, in whichever form, of the whole or just a part of it (including all technical applications), without written permission beforehand from the person in charge, is strictly forbidden. In case the website operator does not take immediate action against any form of infringement, this cannot be taken as a silent confirmation or a waive of prosecution.


Management of the website
In order to maintain the website at its best, the website operator can do the following at any moment:

  • Suspend, interrupt or limit the access to the complete website or a part of this, for a specific category of visitors;

  • Delete all information that can disrupt or disturb the functioning of the website or which is in conflict with national or international law or internet-etiquette;

  • De-activate the website temporarily in order to perform necessary updates.


The operator is in no case responsible for failure, faults, difficulties or disruptions within the functioning of the website that can make (parts of) its features unavailable. The way you connect to the website is your own responsibility. You need to take your own necessary measurements to protect your devices from defects such as viruses from your internet provider or from using our website. As a result of this, you will withhold from any action against the website operator.
In case the website operator will be involved in a dispute as a result of your use of this website, he is entitled by law to recover all damage suffered from and will suffer from, at your account.


Collection and processing of personal data
Yogasite collects and processes personal data through use of our services and/or because you have provided them yourself to us. Personal data includes: all information about an identified or identifiable natural person. By identifiable we mean a natural person that directly or indirectly can be identified, in particular by means of an identifier such as a name, a membership number, location data, an online identification or one or more elements that are typical for the physical, physiological, genetical, phycological, economical, cultural or social identity. Below you find an overview of the personal data we collect and process:
1. Name and surname
2. Date of birth
3. Address
4. Telephone number
5. E-mail address
6. Registration date
7. Username MindBody online account
8. Password MindBody online account
9. Details about your activities
10. IP-address, internet browser and type of device
11. Bankaccount number
Yogasite collects your personal data for the following purposes:

  • Processing your payments;

  • To be able to call or e-mail you in case this is necessary in order to provide our services;

  • To inform you about changes of our services and products;

  • To offer you the possibility to create an account;

  • To deliver services to you;

  • As well Yogasite processes personal data in case we are obliged to this by law, such as details we need for our tax return.

We process these personal data based on one of the foundations established by the law of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), namely ‘permission by the involved person’. Yogasite does not keep your personal data longer then strictly needed to realise the goals for which your details were collected. We delete inactive accounts (made through the MindBody online website) when they've not been used for 7 years. After an inactivity of 6 months the account will be registered as inactive.


Automated decision making
Yogasite does not make any decisions based on automatic processes about issues that can have (considerable) consequences for persons. It concerns decisions being made by computer programs or systems, without involvement of a human being (for example an employee of Yogasite). Within Yogasite, these decisions will be always made by an employee of Yogasite.


Sharing of personal data with third parties
Yogasite does not sell your personal data to third parties and only provides them in case necessary for the execution of our agreement with you or to fullfill a duty by law. With parties that we assigned to process your data (processors), we have a processor agreement to make sure they handle the same level of protection and trust concerning your details. Yogasite remains responsible for all the processing.
In addition to the processor agreement, all of our processors handle their own privacy policy according to the European standards. The processors of our personal data are:

  • Our website host: Wix.

  • Our booking system: MindBody online

  • Our debtor administration is done by a third party

  • Through the MindBody online website we use a payment service provider (PayPal, Ideal, Mastercard, Visa).

  • We keep a back-up of membership data concerning direct debit with the system Ibanc.

In case of violation of any legislation, of which the visitor is being suspected and for which the authorities need personal details which have been collected by the operator, these will be provided after an explicitly motivated request by these authorities. Personal data are not protected by the provisions of this privacy declaration anymore after this.
In case specific information is necessary to get access to specific functionalities of the website, the responsible party will notify the mandatory character of this information at the moment it is being requested.

Yogasite only uses technical, functional and analytical cookies which do not infringe your privacy. A cookie is a small text file which is being saved on your computer, tablet PC or smartphone during the first visit to this website. The cookies we use are necessary for the technical functionality of the website and your ease of use. They make sure the website works properly. Also, we can optimise our website and customer service with them. You can turn off cookies (so that they're not being saved by your computer anymore) by adjusting the settings of your internet browser. In this way you can also delete all information that has been previously saved by your computer. The collection of cookies gives us insight in the following private details:

  • IP address

  • Internet browser

  • Type of device

  • Behaviour on website

  • Amount of visits to website

We cannot identify people with this information, which is why they are no personal data.


Your rights regarding your details
As determined by article 13 paragraph 2 sub AVR (Dutch GDPR), everyone has the right to look into, rectify or remove his/her personal data or limiting the processing that concerns them as well as the right to object against processing and the right to data portability. Insight and corrections of personal data can be done by yourself through the personal settings of your account. In case you want your account to be deleted, you can contact us through


You have the right to withdraw your permission for or object against data processing (of your details) by Yogasite. You also have the right of data portability. This means that you can request us to send your personal data (which we possess) in a computer file to you or another party. Do you wish to make use of your objection right and/or the right of data portability, or in case you have other questions/comments about the processing of data, please send a specified request to
Every request has to be accompanied by a copy of a valid identification document and includes a signature and the address where you can be reached. This is for the protection of your privacy. Yogasite will try to respond to your request as soon as possible, surely within 4 weeks. Yogasite also wants to point out the possibility to send a complaint to the national supervisor, the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (authority of personal data).


Commercial offers
You might receive commercial offers from the website operator. In case you wish not to receive this information (anymore), please send an email to
In case you encounter any personal data while visiting the website, you are obliged to withhold yourself from collecting these or from any other unauthorised use as well as any other action that violates the personal life of other persons. The website operator is by no means responsible in the situations describes above.


Visuals and products offered
From the visuals that belong to the offered products at the website, no rights can be derived.


How we secure personal data
Yogasite takes the protection of your details serious and takes suitable measures to avoid abuse, loss, unauthorised access, undesirable disclosure and improper change. In case you have the impression that your details are not protected well or in case there are signs of abuse, please contact us through


Applicable law
Dutch law applies to these conditions. The court of the city of establishment of the website operator is exclusively competent in case of any disputes regarding these conditions, except when a legal exception applies.

For questions, product information or information about the website itself, you can contact the website operator at

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