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At Yogasite you can follow more than 30 yoga classes every week. Whether you choose a quiet class or a physically challenging class, the yoga at Yogasite is always based on the basic principles of Pralaya Yoga. We also offer specific Pralaya Yoga classes.



Have you been wanting to try a yoga class, but it just hasn't happened yet? This special introduction class is perfect for you! We will guide you through the basics of yoga and Yogasite with clear and simple tools. There's also space to ask questions and personal advice. We're here to make you feel at home and safe. See you soon! 



A gentler class than the Yoga Flow. Softer poses, with less physical strength needed. We'll play with more emphasis on breathing meditation and yin yoga poses. 

A great class to relax... slow down... increase flexibility and let go.

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Aruna yoga is a yoga practice which encompasses all forms of yoga, including hatha, vinyasa and Kundalini inspired practices and technologies. It is a practice based on being present on all levels: to what is here and to be still with what arises. Not matter what that is. It teaches to welcome the present moment and suspend judgment. It offers a way of stilling the fluctuation of the mind through becoming a witness or observer.

There is no need to be flexible to do Aruna Yoga. Its aim is to open up to emotional blocks that are released using the technology of the various lineages of yoga, pranayama and meditation. Of course if practiced vigilantly it has a strong physical asana (posture) practice with a palpable flavour of Kundalini Yoga. Yet it is a bodiless yoga too and even just being present in sessions, without participating in the physical activity will open you up to its healing capacity.

Aruna Yoga is a healing practice which aim is to awaken the practitioner to their true nature, to the freedom, peace and truth that is within us all!



The main focus in this class is relaxation. Through breathing techniques, visualisation, zooming in and out, and other meditation techniques, you turn inwards, and try to find the peace within.

You will be shown different ways to deal with stress, and you learn to objectively deal with life’s distractions. You stimulate your sences and your concentration.

Also, yoga nidra (yogi sleep) is on the program. This form of relaxation can reduce tension and anxiety, and can help insomnia.


Yoga for the mentally and physically disabled

In cooperation with Stichting BAS (Bredase Aangepaste Sporten), Yogasite started this class.

The class is meant for people who are mentally disabled and people with a light physical limitation. There is attention for Yoga postures (asanas), breathing techniques and meditation. In an accessible way, we also look at the Yogic Philosophy (Yoga Sutra's), illustrated with short stories and anecdotes.

Yoga is a good way to find relaxation in body and mind, you train your muscles and improve your concentration. By practicing consciously, Yoga will hand you the tools to get to know yourself (and your boundaries) better. You will learn to deal with emotions and stand in life with an open and joyous attitude. 

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Pralaya Yoga

Pralaya Yoga is developed by Robert Boustany. This style of yoga is focussed on developing functional strength and muscle balance. An effective way to increase your flexibility, expand the life span of your joints and prevent/cure injuries.

With regular practice of Pralaya Yoga, you will improve your whole energy level. We also sometimes call it Yoga for western people, because it's not focussed on stretching the stiff muscles, like in traditional Yoga, but on improving the weaker muscles.

Pralaya classes are for everybody, because you can practice the poses on different levels. In general the classes are intense, because we work on a lot of 'forgotten muscle groups' and you will feel that the day after! To reach the maximum effect by the right alignment in the pose, we give a lot of explanation during class.



Yoga Flow is a softer form of Power Yoga. Where you also use the special breathing technique, but with less sun greetings and less vinjasa’s. 

More options are used to allow a slower build up of the poses. We recommend that you experience a Yoga flow class first before moving to the Power Yoga.



Yin Yoga is slowing down and becoming still, fully present in this moment. 

In Yin Yoga, we use soft sitting and horizontal postures in combination with breathing and soft movements. We do this to invite the energy (prana) to create balance in our entire being.


In our heads, we often worried about expectations and solutions which cause pressure and tention and a dis-balance. In this Yang-oriented world, learning to be in touch with how you're really feeling and experiencing the true essence of Yin a must to restore balance into your life. 


Using calming music, candles and a relaxing scent, you will experience a lovely Yin class.



'Relaxation is the basis of movement, and movement is the potential of relaxation' - Dr. Gerhard Wenzel

Yin Yang yoga is a constant discovery and inner feeling of the balance of Yin (substance) and Yang (energy). Followed by more insight and balance into our own bodies and wellbeing. In this class, we're focussing on (learning) how to feel, out of your head and into your body. As well as to feel and observe energy, also called prana in Sanskrit. Where your attention goes, your energy flows.

This class is meant for everyone with a desire for more balance.

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Slow Yoga

Slow Yoga is a varied mix of (Pralaya) yoga exercises, restorative postures, breathing techniques, and short meditation exercises. Slow Yoga invites you to feel and give your body space, so that you can discover what it can do. You are challenged to find your limit and breathe there in mildness and relaxation.


Slow Yoga is an invitation to move responsibly in gentleness. From peace, with attention to yourself and what is physically possible for you. This allows you to become more balanced and experience what power is in you. It is a good entry-level lesson, accessible to everyone.



Pralaya Power Yoga is a challenging physical form of yoga. It is a mixture of Power Yoga, Yoga Flow and Pralaya Yoga, where asanas flow smoothly into each other at an active pace and where postures are adjusted for optimal joint alignment and better muscle balance.


Pralaya Power Yoga is an intensive class that is suitable for people who want to strengthen their muscles, work on their fitness and like a lot of physical challenge in a yoga class. During the class there is also room for researching and practicing different traditional yoga postures and non-traditional (muscle strengthening) techniques.



Power yoga is a modern western variety of Hatha yoga that asks for strength, stamina and balance. 

Consisting of dynamic and powerful yoga poses, it is a combination of flexibility, strength, concentration and meditation. The poses are done in a flowing form connected to each other to create a deep, synchronised relaxation. Because power yoga releases so much energy, it has a cleansing and healing effect on your body and spirit.

Power yoga trains your muscles, your ligaments, your internal organs and even your skin; giving you a stronger presence and the deep breathing brings you into a moving meditative state.



Life moves fast. Sometimes it’s a good thing to take a time out and recharge our batteries, so we can continue our lives with new energy and spirit.

Restorative yoga is a deeply relaxing and revitalising practice that encourages rest and resets the body, mind and spirit. It’s a therapeutic style of yoga that promotes deep relaxation for the body through supportive poses. This style of yoga facilitates this deep relaxation through the use of props including blankets, straps, pillows, and blocks which enable well-supported postures.

Typically restorative poses are held for 5-10 minutes or as long as they are comfortable. In full relaxation, there is no movement, no effort and the mind is silent. Restorative yoga helps for improved digestion, chronic stress, fatigue and high blood pressure.

Regular practice brings us to the blissful state of a balanced mind, body and spirit.



Our intention in Aligment Yoga is to align our entire system: body, mind and soul.


Alignment Yoga combines Pralaya Yoga with Vinyasa, breathwork and meditation. From a physical perspective it is softer than Power Yoga.


Teen Yoga

Teen yoga is yoga for teenagers between 12 and 18 years old. We do movements, postures and breathing exercises to clear your head, relax your body and feel better about yourself. It helps you learn to deal with pressure and stress, build self-confidence and become more confident. A weekly moment to chill. Relax, have fun and also be a bit physically active.

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