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Hands in the Soil

Do you want to be part of the Yogasite family?

Want to help build a place where people feel safe and dare to be who they are?

Contribute to the development of members, team and the organization?

Then we might be looking for you! View our vacancies or send us an open application.


Director of First Impressions (open application)

Wil jij je passie voor hospitality, sales en yoga combineren? Dan hebben wij de perfecte bijbaan voor jou als DOFI! DOFI is een belangrijke functie, je bent het visitekaartje van Yogasite. Je bent vaak de eerste ‘ervaring’ in het contact met onze yogaschool en zet daarmee de eerste stappen in het opbouwen van een band met het (aankomend) lid. Ook voor de bestaande leden ben je het eerste aanspreekpunt en lever je hiermee een grote bijdrage aan de ervaring van onze leden.


You are proactive, independent and social. You see what is important in the moment and work accurately. Communication is your strength and you know how to adapt your way of communicating to the situation. The yoga world is not unknown to you. Combining hospitality and commerce comes naturally to you. You are also flexible by nature. And no, we don't mean that you have to put your legs behind your neck. ;)



You are Yogasite's business card. You are often the first 'face' in contact with new and existing members. You also take care of the appearance of the spaces. We would like the members to not only feel welcome through a personal reception, but also through the pleasant and cozy appearance of our building. You provide members with optimal service with regard to taking out a membership, selling products, answering questions, offering a listening ear and registration & contact before and after the yoga class.

Do you almost feel like part of our team after reading this? Please contact us immediately via the button below. If you have any questions about this vacancy, you can also ask them this way.

Right now, we don't have any vacancies for this particular job, but you're always welcome to send us an open application.


Yogasite provides high-quality yoga classes based on Pralaya yoga. In addition, we offer a variety of workshops and training courses, with variation in physical intensity & room for self-development. Yogasite has a broad target group and wants to be a safe space for everyone who steps in. We want people to feel seen, heard, comfortable and welcome. In addition, our studio is a place where you can just be or to recover from the pressure(s) of daily life. We strive for a personal approach, in which we look and think along with both new and existing members.

Voel jij je na het lezen van deze tekst al bijna onderdeel van ons team?

Dan ontvangen we graag jouw cv en motivatiebrief. Je kunt direct solliciteren door op de knop hieronder te klikken!

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Presence in consultation

Flexible times


As a volunteer you help us keep Yogasite running. You can think of:

  • preparing rooms;

  • training your green thumb by maintaining plants (indoors & outdoors);

  • welcoming & go-to person for guests and members;

  • support in our Yogasite Café.

Of course you are the first to test out our new drinks & bites and we are always open to new ideas and inspiration. Do you have a few hours a week 'left over' and would you like to spend it with us? Please contact us by clicking the button below and sending us an email.

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