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We love to see you in the studio! Together with the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) we have taken precautions to ensure that taking a class, workshop or visiting the studio for another reason is safe and enjoyable. Read all of the information below before visiting the studio. 




Entry and exit

After you disinfected your hands, you follow the path towards the front desk. There, we'll inform you about which space your class is in. 

If your class is in Love & Laughter (big space), please use the right hand door as your entrance and the left hand door as your exit.

After class, you can use the side door as an exit. 

Book your spot

We have a maximum amount of available spots per space to guarantee 1,5 meters distance. Want to make sure there's a spot for you? Book in advance through EverSports.

Safe flow of people

Please don't arrive at the studio too early (max 10 minutes before your class starts) and don't stay in the common area after class. This way we can guarantee a safe flow of people in the studio.

Class times and spaces

Classes start at alternating times, so that it doesn't become too busy in the common area. You'll find stickers with the Yogasite logo on them in the spaces. Put the front side of your mat down behind that sticker in the same direction as the logo. That way, we can guarantee 1,5 meters distance.


We'd like to ask you to bring your own mat and blocks to the studio. If you don't have any, we'd like to offer you the chance to buy what you need. We've got sustainable new mats and blocks, or a second hand mat. More information is available at the front desk.

In case you've forgotten your things when you arrive in the studio, if you don't have everything or if you're a new member, we have a small supply of props you can borrow. You'll find these props in the yoga spaces. Cleaning the materials is up to you and can be done using the supplies in the yoga space. 




At the main entrance of Yogasite and at the entrance of all yoga spaces, desinfectans are available for you to clean your hands.


Every space is ventilated sufficiently. Before and after every class we ventilate by opening up as many doors and windows. Temperature permitted, we leave windows and doors in the yoga spaces open as much as we can during class, to ensure optimal ventilation when you're in class. This might mean it can be a little bit colder in the spaces, so bring warm socks, sweater/vest and a blanket to class.


Extra cleaning

We will ensure extra cleaning moments during the day for the toilets, yoga spaces and common area. We'd also like to ask you to clean the toilet seat yourself after using it.



Health check

Do you, or does someone in your household, have a cold , fever, sore throat, shortness of breath or experience coughing? Unfortunately you cannot visit the studio. We'd like to ask you to stay home until you haven't experienced any symptoms for at least 24 hours. 

With that in mind, we're asking you to do the self-check before you take a class. You'll find the questions below and at the front desk. Only if you can answer all of the questions with a 'no', you're cleared to join a class.

Can't come to the studio but you feel well enough to take a class? You can attend our online classes! Check the schedule to see what your options are. 

Keep your distance

We comply with the 1,5 meters distance rule and will not shake hands or give hugs. Instead, we smile, place our hands in Namasté or we wave. Teachers are hesitant to adjust poses. Instead we give verbal notes. If it concerns preventing injury, physical adjustment might be necessary. If a teacher feels it's necessary, he or she will ask if it's okay to touch you. You are more than free to let them know if you do not want them to do this.

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