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Yoga is my life, that's what it basically comes down to. Since my first yoga class at the start of this century, i've known that. And it doesn't change. On the contrary, i keep practicing every day, learning, that goes without saying. Sometimes not, but that's also a lesson. In those instances, i hear myself saying: "You know you'll feel better once you've practiced"...

Just like i need to go outside everyday, whatever the weather. The clouds, the earth, the wind, the sun, the water; i need to smell, see and feel it. It's like breathing.


I'm very grateful to all of my teachers: Dorinda Farver, Robert Boustany, Neva Ingalls, Maharaji. Grateful for learning more about myself and the world around me; through soft/easy/hard postures - whatever feeling they might create -, i've finally gotten in touch with sensitivity. 

Because yoga does so much for me, i like to transfer that to others. I've been teaching yoga since 2008. To people of all ages and backgrounds. Everybody is unique, that's how i keep learning with every class i give. 


I met Tulku Lobsang, a Tibetan monk, for the first time in 2014. He immediately touched me deeply with his presence and wisdom. Since then, he's my master guru! Through him, i got to experience Lu Jong: Tibetan Healing Yoga. It's a miracle what these soft movements can do for you energetically, physically and mentally. 

You never know what your journey will bring: from America to Tibet...


I'm a certified Lu Jong teacher and are registered at the Yoga Alliance with a 500 hour certificate. 


Besides yoga teacher, i'm also a certified foot reflexology therapist. Our feet bring us everywhere we want to go. They deserve attention and tough. Through massaging the different reflex points in the feet we can re-activate our self-healing capacities. It stimulates the nerve endings and blood circulation, it releases tention and stress.

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