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"In my classes and workshops I would like to let you experience how Yoga moves you to your own unique core, your own center and primal trust, how everything is connected and how you can use your power of thought and imagination as a focus to move and live from effortlessness."

​Steffie Lilian joined Yoga Site in 2012 for a first workshop with Robert Boustany. "After a previous Yoga training I ended up at Robert Boustany  and his teachings are just right, you can feel that in your body and in your heart."

Steffie Lilian completed her 500TT with Robert Boustany in 2017 and has since followed the post 500TT in addition, she pays a lot of attention to restorative, relaxation, Yin & Tao Yoga and the 5 elements Yoga.
Steffie teaches her Yoga classes in Dutch.

​In addition to Yoga, Steffie Lilian also offers personal coaching in combination with relaxation sessions, workshops and guided inner processes.
From stress to relaxation insight and change.

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