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My body is my most precious 'possession'. The love for movement started at classical ballet. As a little girl, i couldn't sit still, i danced everywhere and all the time; in school, at home. I even knew ways to dance up and down the stairs (which wasn't good for my mother's nervous system ;) ).

The purity of classical ballet touched me to the core. I got older and my dream became more serious. I started at pre-training and later got accepted to the dance academy teacher training. That's where i hit a wall. The world of dancing was so tough. This didn't feel right and i chose to let the dream remain a dream. While i was in that process, i attended my first yoga class.

I remember the first yoga class i took, during pre-training. It impressed me. Striking a pose and finding the stillness in it, breathing and feeling, that was interesting! A couple of years later yoga re-entered my life and a new world emerged. Yoga allowed you to listen to your body, to be soft. Yoga isn't about pushing your body to do something, but to accept what's there and to give it space. Like Robert once said:  'The body has to open willingly'. That was an amazing learning process, and not only relatable from a physical point of view ;).

Yoga for me brings connection. With the now, with myself and my body. Society expects a lot, and yoga helps me to narrow it down to what's important to me, my own unique core and my heart.

I'm learning more and more about how yoga and the use of your body can be used to improve over all health. How the body is an honest reflexion on how you're actually feeling and how it can teach you to take full responsibility for it. That's what i'd like to transfer in my classes. I vary between physical intensity and moments of peace. I focus on alignment and feeling.


Early 2017 i completed the 200 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training with Dorinda Farver and Robert Boustany and late 2018 i finished the 500 hour Teacher Training with Robert. I enjoy diving into Pralaya Yoga a lot, so i attended classes with Marlies de Koning and i spent a month in Houston with Robert. I also completed an Aerial Yoga Fundamental training with Boban Krstic, a form of yoga that is playful and gracious, as well as confronting and intensive; an amazing combination! Besides that i also attended a specialisation in Restorative Yoga with Veda Ela; the art of peace and quiet in this form of yoga can be so healing.

After going through my own processes that came out of all of these training possibilities, i'm now in the process of teaching it to others.

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