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Yogasite TT | We're getting the hang of it!

Bijgewerkt op: 3 mei 2021

Practice makes perfect, right?! When we hosted our first online Teacher Training in September 2020, we challenged ourselves quite a bit: having Nicki teaching from Israel, Belgian students being in lock-down joining from their homes and a group of students in our beautiful space with big screen at Yogasite. And yes, we were figuring out all the technical details on the spot, so some things went wrong. But students were grateful and happy to be able to learn and connect. What we discovered: when the going gets tough, the tough get going! We are so proud of our team and everyone involved, creating the same loving space and energy during the Teacher Training days we have offered since then, as if we were all in the same room.

This beautiful group of Aruniz completed the Aruna Yoga Teacher Training on Valentine's Day, after 4 days full of love and transformation online. We are so amazed at their resiliency in adapting to the online version of Aruna Yoga Teacher Training. A proof that connecting on heart level is independent of time & place. For the coming times it is still unpredictable when we will be able to be together for Teacher Training at Yogasite. And thus, we have adapted to a flexible way of organizing it all. Dorinda will be teaching online for our 200H Teacher Training on Sunday 28th of February (scroll down to read more about the subjects covered and upcoming dates). Because we received such positive response from lots of you, Robert will continue with the Thursday afternoon Pralaya-based Ashtanga Yoga classes for one more month (March). We will also proceed with the inspiring and deep-dive Friday evening bi-monthly lectures. Keep on reading to find out what's coming up!


This upcoming 200H TT day on Sunday February 28th will start with a restorative masterclass, focussing on Self-care and Recharging. Something we can all use! That’s why we’re opening up this morning as a workshop as well. From 9h30 to 12h30 you’ll go into restorative poses while experiencing in your entire being how restorative yoga can be beneficial to you and your students. Being completely restored, the TT day continues with break-out room sessions where you’ll teach sun greetings to your fellow TT-students. This is a beautiful opportunity to learn from each other and exchange knowledge and experience. Necessary stuff if you want to start teaching! We’ll close the day with another indispensable subject when it comes to teaching: the ethics of yoga. Which includes expectations, setting & keeping boundaries and forgiveness. Be part of the conversation as we get up close and personal on this topic. And, to give you a little head's up on what's coming: Dorinda is teaching another 200H TT weekend on 27th and 28th of March, which will be all about learning poses with hands on adjustments and breathwork/pranayama.


'Does anyone have any questions? Any jokes?' 'Do both sides or you'll look funny walking down the street.' 'The you that you think you are, you have to love also.'

These are just a few excerpts from a Pralaya-based Ashtanga class with Robert. We cried from laughing so much and we cried from loving so much. In between poses, he managed to inspire and move us. And, moving through the poses, experiencing all the details in the poses that make a huge difference in how the energy can flow, we got inspired by our own bodies! Good news if you're already hooked on those Thursday afternoon classes: Robert is extending these classes into March as well! So that means 4 more classes that have been planned on March 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th. Not satisfied with just one Robert class a week? Join those bi-monthly Lectures with Robert to move into meditation, pranayama and even more heart-touching tales. The next one is this Friday (26th of February) and covers the subject of injuries. All classes and lectures of Robert can be followed via Livestream by signing up through Eversports or through Replay by buying the video in our video library. You can also book both livestreams and replays through the Eversports-app. Know that watching the Replay can still count towards your certificate! If you watch the Replay, send us an email afterwards and we'll send you a test about this Replay. Your answers will be your ticket to certification.


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