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Teacher Training Yogasite | going out with a bang 💥

Dear all,

The end of 2020 is approaching fast. We can't help but feel a little nostalgic. So much has happened this year... And even though it sometimes felt like we weren't going to keep our head above water, with all of the waves that kept crashing over our heads, we had an energetic lifebelt to hold onto. Knowing that we had you guys, loving and supporting us, was all we needed to keep paddling.

Teacher Training wise, it's been a weird year. Not being able to welcome you or Robert in the studio, has forced us to look at what we COULD do instead of what we wanted to do. And so - let's quote Ben Howard here - we're keeping our head up & our heart strong!

That being said, we're going out with a bang! Last minute, we've been able to offer you something that almost feels like an old-fashioned Teacher Training weekend! To get you warmed up, please join our spontaneously planned in TT lecture from Robert THIS FRIDAY EVENING!! The weekend after, Dorinda & Robert will each give us a day filled with so much warmth, love and energy... Be ready to be amazed!

Finally, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support this year, and however long before that... We wouldn't exist without you. We hope you are safe and well and we're looking forward to many more years of shared joy, wisdom, energy, growth and laughs with you.

With love,

on behalf of the Yogasite team,

Ellen & Joost



This is it! The last few dates for 2020... Let's make them unforgettable! Are you with us?


Friday 11th December | 19:00 - 21:00 | Lecture with Robert Saturday 19th December | 9:00 - 17:00 | TT day with Dorinda Sunday 20th December | 13:00 - 21:00 | TT day with Robert IMPORTANT: We've invested in a big screen, which is set up in our biggest yoga space. To test out this screen, we're showing the Lecture with Robert this Friday in the studio, as well as Zooming it. We have 25 spots available in the studio (keeping 1,5 meters distance). So if you'd like to attend the lecture AND enjoy the company of other participants (and us ;)), don't hesitate to sign up! If you'd like to participate through Zoom, please send us an e-mail at


On Saturday 19th December, Dorinda is moving with energy! Aches and pains are even more common now that we're working from home. Besides that, there are some injuries that occur a lot in yoga postures. Dorinda will walk you through them, and show you some magical solutions! She'll also touch on the energetics of supporting yourself and others during hardship. With times being challenging, how can you keep seeing and being the light that you are? Dorinda will share her intuitive love and energy to guide you in what might sometimes feel like an unsolvable riddle. On Sunday 20th December, Robert will take you into the world of backbending. As you might know, there are so many variations to this concept! Besides sharing his knowledge and experience, Robert will also answer questions and he might even do a guided meditation if we're lucky... Even we are always curious to find out what he'll be up to! ;) Are you?



Just a little teaser to get you ready for the new year... Dates with Robert will be planned in soon, but we already have some really cool topics for Dorinda's TT days to share with you.


Saturday 9th January 2021 | 9u00 - 17u00 | TT day with Dorinda Sunday 10th January 2021 | 9u00 - 17u00 | TT day with Dorinda


On Saturday, we will touch on the subjects of Meridians and Traditional Chinese Medicine. On Sunday, Sungreetings and Chakra's are on the menu! Sounds good? We'd love to see you there! More information about these topics will follow in the next TT mailing. IMPORTANT Signing up for TT lectures & days is possible and required. You can use the EverSports website or app if you'd like to join in person. Send us an e-mail if you'd like to attend through Zoom. Any questions or having trouble signing up? Send us an e-mail and we're more than happy to help you out.


Why backbending?

In this clip, Robert talks about the essence of why we backbend. Watch the video here:

Does this clip spark your backbend-enthusiasm?! Then go right ahead and sign up for his TT day on Sunday 20th December!


Good to know

Online lectures

In case you didn't know already; Robert's lectures on Friday evening can count towards your certificate. How? Purchase four online tickets at the same time and those four tickets will count as one day of TT. Valid for both 200 and 500 TT. We're looking into this system as we speak so we'll keep you posted if anything changes!


Right now, we have no idea what 2021 will bring us... We know our intentions, and that is to provide you with the best possible guidance and support on your journey to become a yoga teacher. Another key issue for us is providing continuity, whether we can do that physically or energetically (or both). We're working out the details for 2021 right now so we'll keep you updated on our plans and possibilities as we go. Do you have feedback for us? Or do you have ideas that will help us be there for you in a more uplifting way? Please do not hesitate to contact us through phone, e-mail or DM's.

Social media

We share a lot of our plans on our social media accounts. Sometimes even before we (can) send out a mailing... ;) So if you'd like to be kept in the loop and know everything as soon as we have planned it in, you definitely want to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

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