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In 2006 i graduated as a physical therapist and in 2012 i started my osteopathy training. This allowed me to dive deeper into my trade, a dive i had been searching for for quite some time. More and more puzzle pieces started to fall into place and it's amazing to see what osteopathy can contribute, how it can help to bring movement back into a body. As far is my osteopathy training goes; i only have to write my thesis in order to graduate. At this time i don't see how that will help me in the work i'm doing right now, so i decided to postpone writing it until it feels right. Which might be never.

In 2017 i extended my practice with workshops, trainings and courses for self-healing and creational force. Because is received more and more confirmation that physical complaints have a different origin. Discovering our own self-healing capacities is my biggest mission. I'd like to support you in your search for health. In this process i use:

  • holistic physical therapy and osteopathy

  • breathing

  • meditations and exercises for self-healing

  • guidance focussed on releasing trauma

  • DNA-/Theta-healing

  • systemic constellations

  • body de-armouring

  • transformation guidance

  • Insight days

  • Deepest Healing; online trainings, courses and retraites


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