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'Awareness creates trust, trust creates relaxation, relaxation creates release. This is all you need during labour'. 

My passion is to provide classes, courses and massages during pregnancy and motherhood. In my practice, i have a broad spectrum of classes. Choose which ever preparation works for you, using pregnancy yoga, hypnobirthing or a one-time workshop.


Most women find their pregnancy quite special. It might not always feel that way; your body can feel tired or heavy, you're nauseous or sick, minor ailments are piling up and bothering you, or you're worried about the baby, your job, remodelling your house or your relationship. In short, it's a time worth living consciously.

Pregnancy yoga gives you the chance to focus on your pregnancy and your baby. It gives you the opportunity to relax, connect to your child, listen to the signals your body is giving you, becoming aware of all of the changes. It will make your pregnancy and delivery easier. It's about having a positive mindset. How? I'll teach it to you in my classes. 

In this day and age, delivering a baby has never been more safe. But we fear it a lot more as well. Let's go back to how nature intended child birth. I'll help you with that in what i offer, whether you're planning on delivering your baby in hospital, at home or birth centre, with or without pain killers. Get the delivery you wish for with the proper preparation. 

Welcome to my practice!


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