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Jaw Yoga

The Workshops are created because of Thessa's own experiences with jaw complaints.


Jaw problems are mostly grinding or clenching the teeth during the night


The 3 main causes of jaw complaints are:

1) A wrong posture with the head held forward. During the workshop we will discuss correct posture or the correct alignment of the body. When we have the right posture, the chewing muscles will eventually relax.


2) Stress causes tension in the jaws. During the workshop we do exercises to relax the jaws and we are introduced to Yoga Nidra or Yoga which will help you to go to sleep. The last one will help you to get into deep relaxation.


3) How the teeth rest on each other, also called the bite or occlussion, can also cause jaw complaints. A dentist can offer a solution here. More information about this will be given during the workshop.


Saturday 30th October and Sunday 28th November  


09:30 - 12:00 uur


Thessa Thijs


€ 45,- For non-members

€ 35,- Member Price

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