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WORKSHOP | KOEL door de overgang

KOEL (Artfully Relaxed Energetic Loving) through the TRANSITION)

This day is for every woman who wants to make space and time for herself to start feeling from your body and heart which direction you want to go in the 2nd half of your life.  


We start this special day with a special yoga class for menopausal women (by Ellen van der Valk). Then we will work through meditation and movement, artistically (by Danielle Brörmann) with what lives in you in words and images within this theme.

At the end of this day retreat you will have a concrete plan with where you want to go and what you want to work on.  


There is also a 2nd day retreat about the transition. In addition to relaxation, being energetic, loving and artistic, this also discusses nutrition, sleep, lifestyle, supplements and other alternative options to reduce menopausal symptoms.  


You do not have to follow both the retreats about the transition and you can therefore also register for 1 day retreat.  



Date: 1st day retreat on 12/01/2022 and 2nd day retreat on 20/05/2022


10:00am -4:30pm


Danielle  brörmann


Costs: €125,- per day for non-members and €115,- for members

For more information about the day retreats, please call Danielle Brörmann at 

T. 06-24100675 or email to

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