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1 Concepts

1.1. General terms and conditions Yogasite BV in Breda. These general terms and conditions relate to the rental of space (s) and / or facilities from Yogasite.

1.2 Landlord means Yogasite.

1.3. Tenant: the person with whom Yogasite enters into a rental agreement.

1.4. Rental Agreement: An agreement concluded between Yogasite and the tenant for the rental of space (s) and facilities belonging to Yogasite. This lease also includes written confirmations in which the rent of a space is confirmed by the lessor.

1.5. Rental period: discussed or stated period in the (rental) agreement during which tenant rents space (s) from Yogasite.

1.6 Season: This is understood to mean the period that one rents from January 1 to January 1 the following year.

1.7 In writing: by (registered) letter or e-mail.


2. Applicability of the General Terms and Conditions

2.1 The general terms and conditions apply to all (rental) agreements, quotations and offers made by Yogasite, in the broadest sense of the word.

2.2 When entering into an agreement, the tenant agrees to these general terms and conditions of Yogasite.

2.3. Yogasite has the right to change the general terms and conditions at any time.

2.4. The latest version will always be published on the website


3. Rent

3.1 A rental agreement is concluded after confirmation from Yogasite.

3.2 Yogasite rents out its spaces for the pre-booked activities and makes this space (s) available on the date (s) indicated therein.

3.3 The rented property exclusively includes the reserved space (s) and / or facilities that are stated in the agreement or written confirmation.

3.4 A reservation concerns a specific space in the Yogasite building, which is stated as such in the agreement or written confirmation.

3.5 Renting of the spaces is per half day or in case of deviation as agreed otherwise.

3.6. Start times and end times are stated on the website under the headings treatment and meeting rooms.

3.7. The tenant must adhere to the set start time and end time.

3.8 Activities that are necessary for setting up, furnishing and / or decorating the space or testing equipment cannot take place earlier than from the start time of the reservation made.

3.9. It is only possible to delay after or before the start of a part of the day or class time if this has been requested in advance and confirmed in writing by Yogasite.

3.10 The current prices for room rental and facilities are published on the website

3.11 Leases for structural and weekly recurring activities run per season, as stated in the lease.

3.12 The tenant must indicate no later than 8 weeks before the expiry of the fixed-term contract whether he wishes to continue or extend the structural activity.

3.13 If this is not indicated or not indicated in time, Yogasite reserves the right to rent the space (s) to third parties.


4. Cancellation

4.1. After the conclusion of a rental agreement, the tenant can only cancel the agreement in writing.

4.2 Cancellation of the rental agreement free of charge is possible up to 14 days before the start of the activity.

4.3. If the tenant cancels the rental agreement relating to room rental for whatever reason, the tenant owes Yogasite a cancellation fee of 25% of the room rental up to 2 days before the activity. Up to 1 day before the activity, the cancellation costs are 50% of the room rent. Within 24 hours before the start of the activity, the cancellation costs are 100% of the room rent.


5. Payment

5.1. Invoices for room rental, catering, technical facilities and other costs that the tenant is obliged to pay must be paid by the tenants within 14 days of the invoice date.

5.2. Rental agreements as referred to in article 3.11 are invoiced in monthly installments.

5.3. All prices quoted with regard to the room rental are exclusive of 21% VAT and include tea and water.

5.4. Food, stimulants and / or facilities and services are taxed at the applicable statutory VAT rate.


6. Use of the rented spaces

6.1 The tenant must ensure that the building is entered and left quietly without inconvenience to neighbors or co-tenants.

6.2. The tenant must leave the space in the condition and layout in which he found it.

6.3. If the space is not found properly, this must be reported immediately to the Yogasite staff.

6.4. In the building, account must be taken of other people who are working. Therefore try to limit the talking / buzz in the corridors and stairs as much as possible. Keep work area doors closed as much as possible, especially with music.

The tenant is free to use the available audio equipment, but he / she must take other tenants into account. The permission of Yogasite is ALWAYS required to produce a lot of sound.

6.8 The use of coffee / tea and other drinks in the group areas is permitted. Care must be taken to ensure that beverages are used in the rooms with care. Consuming food in the treatment and yoga rooms is not allowed; the reception room is available for this.

6.9 The Yogasite host opens the front door of the building in the morning and closes it again in the evening.


7. Liability

7.1 Landlord cannot be held liable in any way; neither by tenant nor by users. This applies to material damage as a result of a stay in Yogasite, as for possible damage as a result of the activities offered by tenants.

7.2. The tenant is liable towards the landlord for all damage to the rented property as a result of the tenant's own fault or of persons who stay in or near the rented property because of and with the permission of the tenant.


8. Force majeure

8.1. Yogasite is not liable if and insofar as its commitments cannot be fulfilled as a result of force majeure.

8.2. Force majeure includes matters such as fire, defects in the building, heating problems, noise nuisance, planning problems, etc.

8.3. In the event of force majeure, the lessor will try to find a solution to the problem that has arisen.


9. Dissolution of an agreement

Immediate dissolution of the lease on the part of the lessor is possible if there is:

1. Failure to fulfill obligations as laid down in the rental conditions.

2. Misuse by tenants (or users) of the spaces.

3. Nuisance by tenants to other tenants of Yogasite.

4. Evidence of incompetence in the tenant's professional practice.

5. In the event of insoluble disagreements and / or disputes.


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