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Learn to be happy and content, wherever you are.

Yoga has been a gift that showed up in my life in so many ways. My neighbours gave me an introduction class 'Power yoga' for my birthday in the spring of 2009. From the first class, i was sold. I felt significantly better and found more and more calmness and relaxation within myself. 

I started out taking weekly classes. At that time, yoga for me was a way to recover, and balance in different ways. After a while, when injuries and physical complaints i had been having for quite some time started disappearing, i started to realise how practical yoga could also be. It started helping me out in life. It's such a valuable tool to have in dealing with daily life. And to practice it, the only thing you need is your breath, body and mind. 

In September 2010 i started the Yoga Alliance Teacher Training. I finished the 200 hour TT successfully in 2012 and the 500 hour in 2014. Through self-study and following different workshops and trainings (among others the post-500 Teacher Training with Robert Boustany), i'm learning more and more and gaining new insights into teaching, postures, the human body, interesting philosophy and history, etcetera. 


The experience from and development of my own practice, and the process of teaching, have given me the tools to work with people on a therapeutic basis. I teach group and private classes with attention to details. I also teach a training in Yoga Nidra and Pranayama, as well as workshops on different topics. 


Will you come and try one of my classes? I'm looking forward to helping you in your process!


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