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As a young girl, Thessa became interested in yoga. In 2013 she re-discovered it and didn't let go anymore. 

Practicing yoga postures is most useful when we can take what we learn on the mat into our daily lives. When we're able to optimise the alignment in our bodies by practicing yoga on a regular basis, the energy will flow better and life will get a little lighter. For Thessa, those are the first steps towards enlightenment. Enlightenment starts with balancing out the physical body. 


Thessa also teaches workshops "Jaw yoga" in which participants receive tools to re-align the jaw area, head, neck and shoulders. During the workshop, simple practices will be taught that can easily be taken into a home practice. This workshop is interesting for anyone that grinds their teeth or clenches their jaw regularly. And it can give new insights when you have neck- and/or shoulder issues.


In 2013, Thessa completed the Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at Timsa Yoga. Right after that, she attended and completed the 500 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training at Yogasite.

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