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200H Yoga Alliance Teacher Training

Our 200H Teacher Training is certified by Yoga Alliance. We will deepen your knowledge of yoga, technical skills, and focus on your personal development. The Teacher Training builds a solid foundation for you to expand your passion for yoga, and offers hands-on tools to pass it on to others in a safe, effective and inspiring way. You will learn how to teach yoga from the Pralaya Yoga system, which has its foundation in Hatha Yoga.

Above all, there's plenty of your for your personal growth and development. Together with your fellow students, you will deepen your practice and you will discover what really drives you, what your values and desires are, and what you have to offer. This creates the space for you to live your life accordingly and come home to yourself.  

It is a true journey to yourself, and eventually to pass it all on.

What to Expect?

  • 200H contact hours, divided over live days and livestream sessions with Lead Trainers Robert Boustany and Ellen van der Valk

  • Lectures by highly experience guest-teachers from various domains

  • Extensive training program with plenty of room for your personal growth and development, and in-depth yoga knowledge such as techniques, anatomy/physiology, philosophy, history supported by a teacher's toolkit

  • Online learning environment consists of videos and other additional study material, replays and the opportunity to discuss and exchange with your co-students.

  • Teacher Training Manual

  • Asana Workbook

  • Practical: enhance your teaching skills under the supervision of an experienced teacher

  • Yoga Alliance Certified

Voor wie?

Deze training is als keuzemodule onderdeel van onze 300H Pralaya Yoga Teacher Training, maar ook toegankelijk voor yogadocenten en yogis met ervaring in Pralaya Yoga. Indien je nog niet bekend bent met Pralaya Yoga, is deelname in overleg mogelijk indien je bereid bent een online voorbereidingsmodule te volgen. Neem in dat geval contact op via

Praktische informatie

  • Zaterdag 2 & zondag 3 maart 2024, zaterdag 23 maart 2024

  • Van 9:30 tot 17:30

  • Inclusief lesmateriaal en practicum

  • Investering: € 450,- (incl. 21% BTW)


Ben je enthousiast over deze training en wil je je aanmelden? Super! 

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