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Dear you,

Just like nature our urban world slowly seems to start waking and opening up again. After over 4 months of lock-down we are prepared and ready to re-open the doors of Yogasite. For regular classes we seem to need to have some more patience. For Teacher Training we are happy to announce that as Yogasite we are allowed to host these magical days in the studio again. And the first two days are scheduled for next weekend already!

The past months provided us with the opportunity to work on our inner world, and so we did! Not only on our mats, but also within our building. Our brand-new kitchen is ready to serve everybody that longs for some nice healthy snacks, sweets and drinks. Even in its old form it was already a gathering place, but now with its fresh paint, new equipment and inviting atmosphere ... we are pretty sure this will be the perfect hotspot during breaks and to catch up with your yoga-buddies after a day of Teacher Training. We also invested in a XXXL screen in our big space, so no travel restrictions can stop us from connecting to our beloved teachers overseas. And finally, last week we worked in the backyard: the sandbox has gone and we have almost 100m2 of outdoor shielded yoga space.

Beside transforming our physical space we have found new effective ways of collecting and sharing the wisdom of yoga online. Although nothing is as good as being together in physical form, we are really astonished by the power of online classes and lectures of Robert that we offer. Attending the weekly Pralaya-based Ashtanga classes have made us stronger and more flexible. The Friday-night Lectures are really an inspiring start of the weekend. And Dorinda has an absolute talent for online teaching and manages to lead us from a distance into the magic of yoga and energy through her weekly classes and 200H Teacher Training days.

Scroll down to find out what is coming up!

The only thing that we did not yet figure out is an acceptable alternative for heart-touching hugs ... but we trust that the universe supports us in enabling that soon again.

With love,

on behalf of the Yogasite team,

Dorinda, Ellen & Joost


YES!!! Dorinda will be teaching another full weekend for our 200H Teacher Training on 8th & 9th of May. (Did we mention we are hosting it in the studio...? :-)) And it is all going to be about Asanas & Alignment. Moreover, Ellen will join both days as well to share from her experience teaching Pralaya Yoga for over 7 years. Both Saturday and Sunday we start off with a 3-hours Pralaya Flow Practice. On Saturday focus will be on strengthening arms and heart opening. Sunday will be on forward bending and leg strengthening. Beside experiencing the alignment in the poses by practicing them yourself, Dorinda will spend time on explaining how muscle balance can help to heal injuries in these areas with live examples. The afternoons will be 3,5 hour sessions diving into individual poses and adjustments. As a participant you will receive homework to prepare: researching a specific pose, its various options and adjustments. During the afternoon you will teach your pose to other students and receive feedback. For these sessions to count for certification joining at least 1 morning AND 1 afternoon session is obligatory. So for those able and willing to travel to Breda: be welcome to join this weekend on-site! We will of course make sure we comply to the basic rules w.r.t. corona-safety and ask you to respect these rules as well. In case it is not possible for you to come over or in case you have symptoms related to covid-infection, you can join in from your own place too, as we will offer this weekend online through Zoom as well. Upcoming dates & themes Saturday 8th May & Sunday 9th May 2021 | 9u30 - 16u30 | Learning Poses & Adjustments Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th June 2021 | 9u30 - 16u30 | Sequencing & Ayurveda

Sign up for Teacher Training here! Workshop Both morning Pralaya Flow Practices are available as an online workshop if you’re not able to join for the whole day or want your friends to get to know Dorinda's magic as well. You can either join one workshop for 45 euro or both for 80 euro. Sign up for the Workshop(s) here! Any questions or having trouble signing up? Send us an e-mail or whatsapp (+31 6 2001 38 48) and we're more than happy to help you out.


Bimonthly Lectures As traveling is not yet possible Robert will be with us in your living room virtually every two weeks on Friday evenings from 19h - 21h. We call it the 'Yoga Jukebox'. You put in a theme related to yoga and a beautiful, heart-felt, non-lineair lecture unfolds itself. During these lectures it is possible to ask any related questions you have. And the good thing is: every lecture is recorded and available for replay! Upcoming dates & themes Friday 07-05-2021 | 19:00 - 21:00 | Spinal alignment Friday 21-05-2021 | 19:00 - 21:00 | NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming Friday 04-06-2021 | 19:00 - 21:00 | The Body tells the Story - Yoga Therapy Friday 18-06-2021 | 19:00 - 21:00 | An introduction to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Friday 02-07-2021 | 19:00 - 21:00 | Yogic Diet & Lifestyle, part II Friday 16-07-2021 | 19:00 - 21:00 | Exploring Chakras & Nadis - the energy body Join Robert's next lecture through Livestream here! Practical

  • If you join the Lecture through livestream, you will receive a link to the replay afterwards so you can re-watch it.

  • If you can't join live, it is possible to buy the replay of the lecture in our library: (category: educational lectures) or in the Eversports-app under videos.

  • One lecture costs 40 euros, four lectures cost 150 euros.

  • After purchase the lecture is available as a replay for 2 weeks.

  • In order for the replay to count towards certification for your 200H or 300H Teacher Training, you need to answer a question about the lecture. You will find this question in the description of the video.

Weekly XL Classes

In February we started with weekly Pralaya-based Ashtanga Yoga classes from Robert. Every Thursday from 16:15h to 18:15h we connect to Robert through zoom and enjoy a physical class with lots of asanas and pranayama. Topped-up with some yogic wisdom.

The asanas are part of the first series of Ashtanga Yoga. You get a lot of clues and explanation on how to do them more safely and effectively, using Pralaya Yoga principles. And after 2,5 months we can tell you from our personal experience: this really works!!! It started as a special for one month, but lots of students were so happy to be able to train together in this way, that we decided to make it a weekly class that counts towards certification.

You have the option to join through Livestream every Thursday or purchase the replay in our video library (choose: sport > Ashtanga Yoga). The replay is available for one week, so you can repeat the class and take this opportunity to grow fast both physically and energetically. Which is very important in these challenging times we live in.

In this way we support you the best we can let you keep catching up with your Teacher Training as long as Robert is not able to travel to Europe.

As soon as we are allowed to have group classes again in our studio, you are welcome to join on-site and train together having the XL Class with Robert beamed on our XXXL-screen.

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