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Nieuwsbrief: Immersed in togetherness

Dear Yogi,

5 days in a classroom packed to capacity with inquisitive, open-hearted and grateful yogis. 5 days of beautiful conversations, deep felt meditations, physical releases, and enlightening insights. 5 days immersed in togetherness, with an ever increasing frequency and an expanded awareness.

We are incredibly grateful for the time we spent with Robert.

Emphasized by the simple fact that being together, and connecting with each other in the physical world is not that evident. It has actually been impossible for nearly 3 years, a realization that deepens our feelings of gratitude. It highlights the power of togetherness and allows us to experience the magic of Robert's teachings more deeply.

The past few years have been perhaps more challenging than ever for all of us. We are all changed by the pandemic, when being together was not a given. We may have been struck by our uneasiness with being alone, felt like we pushed against our own limits. This brought out loneliness, feeling left out, unsafe, and even being overwhelmed by that. But by living through this part of history, we have changed and grown. We came out stronger. This is also true for Robert. And for Yogasite.

Last week was a meeting between the old familiar and the promising new. We saw tears of both sadness and joy. We have heard bursts of laughter and primal roars. We sank into deep meditation and panted in Trikonasana. We were provoked and cherished. We have experienced weavery doubts and profound trust. And still we remained present in that transformative field called Pralaya Yoga, and we have changed and grown.

Thank you, Robert. For who you are and all that you bring.

Thank you, dear yogi. For sharing candor and being here with us. On behalf of the entire Yogasite Team, Namaste (The light in me, sees the light in you), Ellen en Joost


What's Next!

Robert will return in August 2023 for more Live Teacher Training days. As soon as we have the dates actualized we will inform you. Booking your seat will then go through our Eversports App. Stay tuned for more information and don't forget to keep an eye on our socials. If you have any questions, either with regards to our Teacher Training program, your personal progress, or just feel like you can use a chat and a cup off tea, please feel free to call, e-mail us or step by in our studio. Our doors are always open and we're happy to think along with you.

And if there's a little voice inside of you, wanting to start Teacher Training, but your mind is telling you no in all kinds of ways, we’d love to express our blessing, that you are ready, and more than welcome to join.


Reliable Sources for Physical Health through Diet

When you start integrating yoga into your lifestyle, you will notice that the physical body changes and that you become more sensitive to everything that is going on around and inside of you. That mostly means that your sensitivity to what you eat and drink changes as well. As time passes you will develop a better intuitive understanding of what does and what does not support you. And you will learn to trust that more and more.

To support yourself in that process it is very helpful to research reliable sources. The following sources are frequently mentioned by Robert during the live days:

  • Immunity Code: Joel Green |

  • Cellular Detox: dr. Pompa |

  • Solar Nutrition and Chronobiotic Nutrition: Atom Bergstrom | and

  • Ayurveda: Vasant Lad |


Swami Vidyadhishananda & Hansavedas

Integrating a meditation practice into your daily life is highly recommended to support a stable spiritual development. There are a lot of techniques, guided meditations and tools out on the internet with a varying quality. The goal of meditation (which is part of yoga) is to get beyond the 'thinking' mind so that you are able to experience your true nature of oneness. Robert's connection to the lineage of Swami Vidyadhishananda offers you the unique opportunity to learn meditation from a reliable, high quality and authentic source. This will lead you into the right direction.

We highly recommend to either:

Swami Vidyadhishananda will travel to London by the end of March. Exact dates of workshops and fellowships are still being determined. Subscribe to the newsletter of to stay informed.


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