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"It's not about how the posture looks, it's about what it's doing for you"


Natasja's classes are known for the inspiring insights she shares. Yoga is a lot more than moving, relaxing and returning home with a clear mind, if you ask Natasja. "The yoga mat is a mirror for how you handle everything else in your life. Postures that are challenging on the mat, are a metaphor for complex issues you run into in your daily life. Yoga teaches you to keep breathing in every situation, to see through your train of thought and to strengthen your intuïtion."

Natasja completed the 200 hour Yoga Alliance teacher training with Robert Boustany, Neva Ingalls en Dorinda Farver in 2013. And in 2016 she completed Anat Geiger's en Marcel van de Vis Heil's Yin Yoga Teacher Training. Apart from that she has attended workshops, for example with Sarah Powers, David Swenson, Tara Stiles, Lizzie Lasater and Veda Ela. Something she keeps doing on a regular basis. In 2019 she attended a practitioner training to help people to live more freely thanks to the 3 principle insights by Sydney Banks.

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