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Do you simply need more peace of mind? Do you want to use meditation because you suffer from anxiety and/or stress? Or are you curious about the deeper layers of meditation: a deep sense of peace, of silence within yourself or experiencing unity consciousness?

But you don't know where to start? Are you still wondering if this is it? And if you are 'doing' it right? Or are you unable to integrate meditation into your life, because you think it is not for you? Because it only seems to get busier in your head the moment you sit still with your eyes closed?  

In this course Karimu takes you on the road to creating or deepening your own meditation practice. He helps you discover what meditation is and what it is not. How you can use meditation for your personal development and well-being. Matching where you are now.

This course consists of practical information and exercises that you can use immediately. In constructive steps you accustom yourself to stay in meditation longer. You will learn, among other things, a Heartbeat Meditation and a Brainwave Meditation. In addition to meditating together, you will also learn which calm movements and breathing exercises you can use to prepare yourself for meditation.  

Karimu helps you discover how you can best shape your personal practice from your specific starting point.

Dates : 

Thursday 11, 18 en 25 November & 2 en 9 December 2021

Time :   

19:00 - 20:30

Teacher :

Karimu Corbeek

Cost :

€ 97,- for members

€ 117 for non-members

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