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Lief voor je lijf | What is stress and how do I release it ?

In this course ''Lief voor je lijf'' you will learn how pain and stress arise in your body and how to get rid of your chronic pain and tension complaints. You will also learn how to ensure you do not build up chronic tension again and how to bring a lasting healthy balance into your life.


' I had completely lost contact with my body and knew my  body no more'.

'I woke up every day with a headache'

' By working at home I only seemed to be working, I no longer made time for myself and I suffer from pain in my neck and shoulders '

' I lost the balance between my demanding job and my life, in my job I have to deal with many people with emotional stress, which sucked me empty'

'I had been under a lot of stress for a while due to drastic and emotional events, I had no energy or energy left and I was stuck in a circle'


Do you also recognize stress-related issues in yourself? Such as neck and shoulder pain, regular headaches and are you often and quickly tired, irritated, empty, unmotivated or other stress complaints? Then this course is for you.


This course consists of 5 different modules

- How to unwind, ground, de-stress and relax your body

- The language of my body

- From survival to life

- How do I set stagnation in motion

- Lasting change


The course 'Lief voor je lijf' is a complete traject, you will receive:

- Your own online workbook containing all information and assignments. This can be downloaded as an e-book.

- Online meditations and exercises. These are downloadable for a lifetime of access.

- Personal attention in the group.

- Three  one on one sessions (recommended for maximum results)


You will receive access to the package at the start of your course.

And with your membership of Yogasite: Weekly Lillians Yoga session can be followed online or live.


The next course will start on Friday 19th November. 

Times:  19:30 - 22:00



17-11 start module 1.

1-12 module 2.

8-12 module 3.

12-1 modules 4.

19-1 the last evening module 5.

Teacher: Lillian Gelissen


€ 320,- kind to your body including 3 one on one sessions

€ 180,- kind to your body excluding one on one sessions

For optimal results, we recommend booking the course including 3 one-on-one sessions

The first one-on-one sessions start before the start of the first evening course,  week 41, 42 and 43. We immediately plan the second and follow-up one-on-one sessions.

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