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Yogasite | Dr. Struyckenstraat 165 | Breda




These workshops originated from Thessa's own experience with jaw problems. All of the exercises she combined to keep her jaws supple and relaxed have been working for her since she started using them. And it's still an ongoing process.


Jaw problems are, among other things, grinding your teeth at night and clenching your teeth and jaw. Not everyone is aware they're doing it. One way to find out is to see if you have marks on your cheeks when you wake up in the morning, caused by clinging your jaw. This tention can cause hearing problems, such as tinnitus.

The number one cause of jaw problems is stress. Everyone reacts differently to stress. People with jaw problems tend to change the position of their head when they're stressed. The chin and head are tilted forward which causes more pressure around the jaw joint.

Some expressions also show the relation between stress and teeth. For example: To sink your teeth into something. Biting the bullet. Let him chew on that. Being tight-lipped. Don't bit of more than you can chew. Armed to the teeth.

There isn't a simple answer, as Thessa certainly knows by now. But, by changing the position of your head and chin and relaxing the muscles in the jaw, there can definitely be a relief. To relax the jaws, the neck and shoulders need not to be forgotten.

To begin this process of relaxation, this jaw workshop uses yoga and meditation. Simple exercises will be shared that are suited to take into your home practice.



fr 17 jan 2020 | 18u30 - 21u30

sat 18 apr 2020 | 9u30 - 12u30

fr 19 jun 2020 | 18u30 - 21u30

Thessa Thijs


35,00 euros