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About the course

During the 'Grow into Yoga' introduction course we explain the basic principles of yoga. We take the time to teach the most commonly used yoga postures and guide you through the steps to build them up. With ample time for your questions and personal advice based on the possibilities of your body. Our goul is that you can create a solid yoga foundation for yourself in which you can perform the yoga postures and exercises safely, even if you are not (yet) very flexible or strong. This helps prevent, reduce or remedy injuries.

Practical information

Learn the fundamentals of yoga in a short introduction course

What: 5 lessons in 5 weeks. Each lesson has its own theme.
Where: Yogasite studio
When: Tuesday evening 7h30 - 9h00 pm.
Investment: €75 (€15 per lesson).

How: You can start any week you like, the order of the lessons does not matter. Every five weeks a new cycle of the course starts.

You can register through the class schedule in the Eversports app or by sending an email to

For whom?

Grow into Yoga is the course for you if you...

... have questions about yoga (postures) but feel ashamed to ask them during regular lessons;
... once and for all want to lay a good foundation for the yoga classes you follow;
... are prone to injury and want to know how to adapt the postures to your body;
... are tempted to compare yourself to others during yoga classes;
... are not sure if you are performing the yoga postures right.

​The Grow into Yoga course has no entry level. The course is helpful if you are just starting out with yoga and would like to lay a good foundation. The course is also suitable for people who have been doing yoga for quite some time and want to consolidate their basics. Everyone is welcome.

A warm welcome

We are glad that you found your way to the yoga mat. We can imagine that you have all those thoughts and questions. For that reason we like to take time to answer your questions and to provide you with personal advice. We want you to feel more confident in your body and go back on the mat in good spirits. So that you can get the most out of your yoga practice!

Grow into Yoga
Introduction course

Learn the fundamentals of yoga during 5 lessons in 5 weeks.

Do you feel yoga will be good for you, but you don't know where to start?
Do you doubt whether you are performing the postures correctly and whether you are sitting correctly on your block?
Are you susceptible to injury and do you sometimes have pain after exercising or after a yoga lesson?

Then this course is for you!

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Sounds good, please tell me more!

Thank you for your interest being interested! We will contact you as soon as possible.

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