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After years of trying different things myself, i decided to walk into the studio in 2013 for my first yoga class with Laura Verstraaten. Since then, Yogasite has been an important part of my life.

Working a stressful job 8 hours a day, my body was aching for peace of mind and physical movement. Physically and mentally i felt very unhealthy, and it was getting worse by the day. Yogasite was the way for me to limit the amount of damage done as much as possible. Yoga brought me what i needed, and just being in the studio gave me some peace and quiet. The atmosphere in the building was like therapy to me.

That's why i started helping out behind the scenes almost right away. It felt right to help out in an environment that benefitted me so much and that paved a way for me that i wouldn't have pictured myself taking 10 years ago. I also started attending the 200 hour Teacher Training with Robert to deepen my practice, i attended multiple workshops and all of that resulted in me quitting my stressful job in 2017 and living my life in a way that felt right for me. 

After travelling for a year, i came back to Yogasite in 2018 to relieve Annelies' workload during her pregnancy leave and since then i've been a part of the Yogasite team. Working behind the scenes from abroad, and in the studio when i'm in the Netherlands, connecting to my Yogasite family. And i love that variety! 

I've never felt this good physically and mentally since i made those life changing decisions in 2017. Yogasite is with me all the time, wherever i am. What else can i ask for! I'm so grateful... How would my life have been if i never set foot in the studio?

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