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Naturopathic practice specializing in orthomolecular medicine, intestinal therapy, orthomolecular pediatric therapy and experience expert in bariatric surgery.  

Orthomolecular medicine is concerned with searching for the causes of complaints that have arisen. In this search I look at your diet, lifestyle, general health, medical history and sometimes additional laboratory research is done.

Intestinal therapy is part of orthomolecular medicine. This involves looking at gut health. The intestines are so much more than just a part of the digestive system.

As a child consultant I am happy to help you and your child with any complaints related to your child's diet and lifestyle. I can also guide you through a healthy pregnancy and a good start that you can pass on to your child.

Practice Good Belly Feeling is available for everyone (large and small) with digestive complaints, allergies, skin complaints, complaints after a bariatric procedure, reduced energy or if you have questions about your health or supplement use.

Are you interested in how I can help you and/or your child? Then contact me!


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