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Yoga has been an integral part of my life for a long time now. Having a dear caring mother who not only practiced yoga but became a yoga teacher herself, yoga was taught to me from a tender age.  "Yoga is very good for you," she used to say. And even though I often showed her some resistance. Eventually, I couldn't escape nor deny the urge to practice yoga myself.

An apple never falls far from the tree! Wherever I went; to live in the Netherlands or Cambodia, doing yoga was essential to me. I couldn't go without. It became a natural part of my life. Even more so, it became a way of life.  


Ever since I was a little child, I wondered who I really was. Later in life it became a personal quest. My journey towards the sense of oneness. I was born in Cambodia and my oriental background is an important part of who I am. For many years I searched for my home, both here in the West as well as in the East; Cambodia. The country I was born in. This quest, my personal journey, eventually led to finding myself. “Feeling at home within myself".  


This is an ongoing process; the journey of returning to myself. Over and over again. Yoga helps me in that journey. Remembering that I am already one. And that I am complete. It's important to me to integrate my Eastern roots in a natural way, both in my work (as a holistic psychologist) as well as in my personal life.


Bowinneth Phem

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