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Workshop on Back Pain

Practical tools for all types of back pain


For anyone who experiences back pain, and who at times doesn't know how to deal with it anymore


A remedy for every type of complaint

Back pain is a very frequent complaint. Sometimes it comes up slowly, and sometimes it is there abruptly. Sometimes there is an easy-to-identify cause such as an accident, a herniated disc, or an illness. But much more often the root cause is difficult to identify. And it takes a while to figure out where the pain is actually coming from. 


Your posture at work may not be optimal. Maybe you spend a lot of time sitting in your car. Maybe you're working behind your laptop all day. Being overworked. Built-up stress and tension. Or maybe you just had some bad luck, when you lifted something.


Sometimes you've experienced the pain for a while now. Even for so long that you don't even realize it's there anymore. You have become accustomed to it and have built up a tolerance. You start avoiding certain positions or movements and start compensating in other areas of your body. And so one thing leads to another. And it is often unnoticed. 

But when does back pain become an alarm signal? And what can you do about it, other than a visit to the physio or medication?


Your back is your very center. The part of your skeleton that holds everything in place and provides you with base strength. If your back is out of alignment, then step by step your other body parts get out of alignment too.


What to expect?

We are strongly convinced that Yoga, especially Pralaya Yoga, can help you tremendously. Pralaya Yoga not only relieves pain that has already built up, but it also works preventatively.


In this workshop Bart will use Pralaya Yoga exercises to provide you with hands-on tools to help with your type of back pain. With a focus on rehabilitation, strengthening and relaxation. 


For whom?

Are you currently experiencing pain in your back? Is your back feeling stiff? Are you experiencing radiation to other body parts? Are you feeling any tension? Is it no longer helping to go to the physio? And do you not only want to fight the pain but also address the underlying cause? 


Then you are at the right place in this workshop. It is open to anyone, no matter which question or challenges you may have.



Sunday Morning, November 6, 2022



09.30am to 12pm



Bart Benschop



Members: 40,-

Non-members: 45,-

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