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I have one goal, and that's to see that you go to work enjoying what you do! From a young age i've known that i wanted to give people a better work life. After a long trip through Asia i returned home to the Life- and Career-coach training. After several trainings and a leap out of my comfort zone, i started my own business doing what i love most: making sure people enjoy their jobs! 

In my coaching, i help people with creating structure in their thought process and stimulating them to take action. Clear the roadblocks! What makes my coaching powerful, is that you can put every single thing into practice right away. Trade marks that make me who i am are: cheerful, empathic, stimulating, solution-oriented and refreshing.

You can come to me with the following questions:

  • How do i get more pleasure and satisfaction out of my job?

  • How come my current position at work seems less and less suited to my needs? 

  • I'm experiencing a lot of pressure at my current employer. Am i still in the right place?

  • I was fired. Now what?

  • I would like to do something else after my burn out. But what?

  • How do i get more out of life? Designed for personal growth and effectiveness.

  • I'm ready for a new challenge, but i'm not sure how to go about it. 

  • I would like to showcase my talents more effectively in my current position. 

  • I feel like i keep hitting the same wall of limiting patterns. How can i change that?

  • Which study should i choose to make that career switch?

  • There are so many MBO/HBO/WO studies, which should i choose? 

  • How can i stand out in the application process? 

  • Are you staring at vacancy sites for hours without finding something that pops out?

This is how i work: 

In a coaching meeting we'll find your personal values: what do you think is important in life? What drives you and makes you happy? I invite you to dream about the future; what would it look like if you could do anything? 

If you know what makes you happy, it will be easier to find a job that actually suits you. We'll come up with the desired outcome and we'll formulate goals and action points. We'll create a clear and tangible step-by-step plan in which every step will be centred around what you think is important in life. Once we answer these questions, we'll translate that into practical tools for the job market and we'll discover what's out there. As a labour market specialist i know how you can distinguish yourself from the other candidates AND how to really connect with your top 10 employers. 

Specifically, this means: 

Personal branding, writing a personal resume/motivational letter, personal branding, applying for a job through LinkedIn, creative applications, recruiter selection methods and interview techniques, networking,, applying for a job with confidence.


My trainings & certificates

HBO Personeel & Arbeid, Post-HBO, Balance coach, Acceptance & commitment therapy, Personal Leadership, Systemic work, Effective communication with NLP-techniques, Balance between work and home-life, Successfully applying (Aaltje Vincent), LinkedIn training, Certified to take Assessments (TMA, Pearson), Registered career professional NOLOC .


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