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Mini Retreat | Rest in troubled times

Rest in the head. Relaxed living and working. Who would not want that? And that is sometimes quite a challenge. You may be experiencing regular uneasiness, discomfort or insecurities right now. Experiences that you would rather see differently. How nice is a relaxing day for yourself with a touch of yin yoga and musing with like-minded people about where peace can always be found, even in troubled times?

Today's ingredients
We start the day with a wonderful yoga class (with a touch of yang and especially yin) by our yoga teacher Natasja. The class is suitable for novice and experienced yogis and is in Dutch. After a short break, we muse together about peace in troubled times.

  We call it musing, because you will not learn anything and you will not receive any tips. You read that right: nothing. So nothing. This day is therefore not suitable for you if you are looking for a new method, technique or step-by-step plan to deal with unrest. It can and should really be easier and above all more fundamental. All you need is some kind of curiosity. The willingness to look at your unrest in a different way.  


Tip of the veil: the 3 principles

During this day we use the 3 principles (better known as The Three Principles of Sydney Banks) as a starting point. These principles only explain how the human system works. How experiences (for example of unrest, discomfort and uncertainty) are created.  


“I found it such a relief and at the same time so strange that this paradigm is not a method. I went deeper into it. With relaxation and tranquility as a result. End of search!”, says Natasja. In the meantime, in addition to being a certified yoga teacher, Natasja can also call herself a certified 3 Principles Facilitator and she still regularly follows courses at Three Principles Coaches.  


Possible side effects after insights into the 3 principles: 

  • More relaxed living and working 

  • a calm head

  • Less stress

  • More time

  • Nothing and yet everything seems different


Sunday 30 January 2021


10:00 am - 3:30 pm


Natasha Hoogenboom


€65 for members

€ 75,-  for non-members

This includes coffee, tea and a (vegetarian) soup.

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